2017-2018 Impact Report


Strategic Highlights


2017 Goals Attained

  • Produced a 2 min vlog news segment “Youth in Action” with one of our student mentees, Dyamond Douglas and direction instruction from Jeff Akers Films


2018 Goals Attained

  • Raised $ 1,405 with private donations and 2018 fundraiser to exceed $750 original goal for community support

  • Awarded $600 matching travel grant from MAC Council in Greenville to obtain development training for nonprofit preparation

  • Organized and executed two new events to encourage volunteerism

    • Share Love for Little Ones Valentine’s Day event to benefit Shriner’s Hospiatl and GHS Children’s Hospital

    • Loaves and Fished Food Drive with I am Church and House of Reconciliation donating 500 lbs of food for charity in June 2018


2018 Grant Submissions

  • $5K Walmart Community Grant: Project Creativity Cultivation , 3/21/18

  • FedEx Community Grant, 5/4/18

  • Women’s Venture Fund, 3/22/18

  • Women’s Net.net, 3/20/18


2018 Cultural Activities

  • Exposed 25 youth and 4 adults to premiere of Black Panther with help from Young Democrats in Greenville


2019 Goals

  • Raise $4,100 to fund the following:

    • $1,100 in prizes: $500 to overall winner, $100 to six remaining winners

    • Increase current sponsorship, grants, and donations and obtain a minimum of $5,000 to commemorate 5th year of OYA

    • Obtain regional press

    • Promote 4 annual Opportunities for Growth (empowerment workshops)

    • Increase multimedia visibility with nonprofit demo reel produced by Jeff Akers Films

    • Prepare for Summer 2020 Relay Girlfriend Games/Dude Dash Fundraiser

    • Apply and receive at least 3 grants


Financial Highlights

2018 was an unbelievable year of kindness from our 48+ sponsors. We acquired more than 20 new donors and sponsors and were able to end the year in the black to begin 2019 with more operating funds than ever. These funds will help us start our year off to yield successful programming, quality cultural opportunities, and to celebrate our 5th anniversary with bigger contributions to benefit community youth.



Stats at a Glance



  • Developed 2 interns (Quest Academy: Job Readiness Training)

  • Mentored 2 students (Both high school seniors: Journalism Major & Student Author)



  • Raised $2,250 in funding

  • 17 new sponsors & donors secured in 2018

  • 746 volunteer hours logged

  • $1,640 worth of kid swag donated

  • $16,751 worth of in-kind services and products donated


OYA Stats

  • 35 youth alumni from elementary through high school recognized since 2015

  • 78 sponsors supporting our cause

  • $3,625 in scholarships awarded since inception

  • 3,024 volunteer hours logged to promote programming and impact

  • $4,265 worth of kid swag donated

  • 430 event attendees

  • 3 private and community grants received totaling more than $3,100 to-date

  • 16 youth volunteers acquired and fed FREE meals

  • 65 meals donated to youth in 4 years at annual ceremonies